what is present perfect

For irregular verbs, see the Table of 1 page presentation template irregular verbs in the section called 'Verbs'.
Past fix universal rabattkod participle used in the present perfect tense: Juan ha pagado las cuentas.They have walked They haven't walked Have they walked?We have eaten the lasagna here.We do NOT use han to agree with cuentas.Here are the same sentences in negative form.He has read 'War and Peace'.La empleada ya ha limpiado la casa.Lets look more carefully at the last example: Juan ha pagado las cuentas.The following examples all use the past participle for the verb comer.
Finished action that has an influence on the present, example: I have lost my key.
Have the women left yet?

(ellos) No han comido.Example: I have never been to Australia.I have just finished my work.Past participle used as an adjective: La cuenta está pagada.Juan has paid the bills.Compare how the present perfect differs from the simple present, when a reflexive verb is used.
A repeated action in an unspecified period between the past and now.