People make choices because they can't have everything they want.
I don't get up early at the weekend.
I think she is a wonderful person.
Zero conditional sentences (when the result of the condition is always true) - If you heat water to 100C (212F it boils.Does your sister play the piano?Tom lives in London.Structure, examples, we rabattkod jollyroom 2017 use the Present Simple Tense: To form the, present Simple Tense we use the verb's base form ( go, work, speak, study ).3 herbert (cook) cookcooks on Sunday.Kate speaks English very well.She doesn't often go to the cinema.We arrive in Rome at.m.Philip gets up at 6 o'clock every morning.I work in a bank.Do they speak foreign languages?The course starts next Thursday.He always forgets his keys.With state (or stative ) verbs such as like, dislike, love, think, seem, look, know, feel, understand, want, need, hate, remember, forget, prefer, believe, mean, taste, hear, see, have (when the meaning is "possess, own, belong, etc.

6 ko, Uri, gratis dagens horoskop and I (study) studystudies English on Monday.Remember: to be, i/you/we/they are he/she/it is to do, i/you/we/they do he/she/it does to have I/you/we/they have he/she/it has Negative form I you DO NOT /don't/ we work they he/she/it does NOT /doesn't / work.Example: Tom and I We (cook) cook on Tuesday, example: Tom and Amy They (cook) cook on Tuesday, example: Tom He (cook) cooks on Tuesday, example: Amy She (cook) cooks on Tuesday 1).Tom and Amy (cook) cookcooks on Wednesday.11 natasha (study) studystudies English on Thursday.They don't speak English very well.Peter works for 8 hours every day.First conditional sentences (Often called the "real" conditional because it is used for real (or possible) situations.The sun rises in the east.
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Do you believe in God?
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