simple present tense of be

First of all, break the eggs and whisk with sugar.
They never write letter.Time expressions: Every ( day, week, month, year, weekend, Monday,etc.) Once / twice / three times a week / month / year Mountly In the evenings / mornings / afternoons On Sundays / Mondays, Fridays, etc.These days / Nowadays / Always / All the time / Most of the time / Never / Often / Rarely / Sometimes / Usually Examples: My mother doesnt let go to the movies with my friends.Do they come in time?Do you prefer your coffee black?Present simple tense is used to state an action which occurs on regular basis in present.
I like to play basketball.

Examples: She gets up early in the mornings.You rarely sleep late.Positive form : Subject ( I, You, We, They ) V1 ( First Form of Verb ).He does not like swimming.My child needs a bike.Base form (1st form) of the verb will be used as a main verb in the sentence.Simple Present Tense expresses habits and repeated (regular) actions.Play play s microsoft outlook 2016 gratis drink drink s smell smell s pray pray s read read s look look s stay stay s buy buy s enjoy enjoy s help help s smoke smoke s like like s love love s take take s move move.I go to the school by servis car.Does coffee grow in Brazil?