present progressive tense

I hate getting up early in the morning.
Who is she talking to? .
Nick is constantly quarreling with få gratis goodiebags his brother.
Don't turn the music off.We're leaving.00 in the morning.They are not looking.What is he doing?He prefers to stay ladda ner gratis patienser here.Are you present via sms coming back? .It is not raining now.It is snowing now.You are (You're he/she/it is (he's, she's, it's we are (We're).I forget his name.Are we you they Why are we riding this horse?Who is speaking to Jane now?Ishe speaking to Jane now?I remember my first teacher.
I need some help.
What are you thinking about?

Is he she it What is he doing? .Where are you going?Please don't take that book.I mean this book, not that one.This book belongs.Yes, she./No, she isnt.
What are you doing?

They arent skating now.