present perfect tense sentences examples

The kids have been watching too much TV lately.
Our houses value has gone up recently.She has learned to speak Russian.(not dance) _ Leo _ that book since January?Oh, the kitchen is a mess.They have been playing soccer for several hours, so now they are video converter mac gratis exhausted.Subscribe Now to get the latest).(watch) I_ to Germany twice a month since the project started.Present perfect continuous sentences tell about.Exceptions in Spelling, exceptions in spelling when adding ing Example final e is dropped (but: ee is not gratis hårdporr changed) come - coming agree - agreeing after a short, stressed vowel, the final consonant is doubled sit sitting I as final consonant after a vowel.( travel) I've been _ on this report since eight o'clock this morning.He hasn't been talking to me for weeks.
We look at the.

Imagine that you and your friends are at university and youve just come back to campus from the summer vacation; you are all very excited to tell your friends about your amazing internships or the beautiful places you went or the wonderful spotify presentkort hur funkar det times you had.He has been going out a lot _ with is friends.Uses not between have and been to make negative present continuous sentences.Tom has been working as a postman for 30 years now.(eat) Ronald _ at his mothers house since his divorce.The project manager _ us to finish the work since Tuesday.She has been feeling much better lately.(stay) How long _ the dogs _ like that?

Actions or events that are still occurring, but which began in the past, also require the use of the present perfect.