how to do a poster presentation

Therefore it should be noted that poster presentations should also not be taken as one-way communication of information, rather should be used as a platform to involve billiga parfymer gratis the audience intrinsically,.e.
5 Issue 2, p171, 10p Robbins, Jo (1997 High-impact presentations : a multimedia approach, Wiley Saunders, Kent.
The maxim less is more is good advice to follow for a poster.
Power Of Visuals, a spoken message is reinforced with a well-designed visual support, as according to Yemm (2006 audience retention level jumps from 14 to 38 when presenters augment their arguments with visuals.It has also been suggested by Saunders (2001) that poster presentations provide a platform to put ones ideas and messages in the public domain, therefore opening it to wider scrutiny and peer review.Speak loudly enough, slow enough and without such fillers as um, uh, like, you know, and okay.Briscoe, Mary Helen (1996 Preparing scientific illustrations: a guide to better posters, presentations, and publications, Springer.Multiple lines on a graph - use a legend.The literature review has highlighted that, in order to induce intrinsic communication while conducting a poster presentation, the following three points (Robbins, 1997) should be considered: Audience: Learning about the background of the audience is a pre-requisite for conducting a presentation.If you are asking how to do a poster presentation, ensure to learn what its content has to include.Rabab Elamawi 2, objectives Understand the techniques and aesthetics behind an effective poster presentation.Poster size affects how much information you can put on the poster.However, it is very impolite to take photographs on others posters.7, key points of a poster layout.
14, graphs/Charts Make sure that the text on axes and legends adhere to the minimum font size.
Don't leave your poster unattended anywhere - including your hotel room!

To complete this assignment, you should prepare a brief summary of your project so that you can explain it to anybody in one-two minutes.In some occasions, even getting your poster printed out can be a problem at the last minute.5 Issue 9, p10 Webb, Carol; Lettice, Fiona; Lemon, Mark (2006 Facilitating learning and innovation in organizations using complexity science principles, Emergence: Complexity Organization, 2006, Vol.Therefore when information is presented in a concise manner, summarising all the major points in the form of a poster, the subtle differences in perspectives of the audience help in raising concerns, underlying assumptions and limitations that might have been ignored by the presenter due.In contrast, a poster that presents research findings should include: background and significance of the study aims of the study methods results discussion and implications.Title Informative, accurate, clear, concise, and attention commanding What are the minimum number of words that describe what youre doing?May create a PDF version.Enter the Height and Width of your poster.An academic poster presents a brief summary of your research or project in a visually engaging way.Size tab: insert poster dimensions minus the margin space.Some organizations even ask presenters to use a specific template.
Acknowledgements: collaborators and grant support.
In case your poster has been published prior to the meeting, you may bring the reprints for those who are interested in your work.