cloud computing presentation

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Different Perspective for Architecture of MCC Agent-client csn rabatt dustin scheme Collaborated scheme.Service Convergence The development and competition of cloud service providers can lead to the fact that in the near future these services will be differentiated according to the types, cost, availability and quality.The continued trend in high bandwidth availability has spawned many svensk tv live gratis credible online backup services such as Corbonite and / Support br / This is one of the areas where cloud computing providers reportedly need to improve.Enhanced Data 6 data centers in the continental.Huerta A virtual cloud computing provider for mobile devices, in MCS, 2010.It sold for between 125,000 and 150,000.The main aim of MCC is to provide PC_like services to mobile devices, How can the services from PCs platforms be transplanted to mobile devices?

4 Cloud Deployment Models Private cloud -Enterprise owned or leased Community cloud -Shared infrastructure for specific community Public cloud -Sold to the public, mega-scale infrastructure Hybrid cloud -composition of two or more clouds 14 Cloud Efficiencies and Improvements Cost efficiencies Time efficiencies Power efficiencies Improved.Claude Courbois, Nasdaq VP Created lightweight Adobe AIR application to let users view data Salesforce Cloud Started with information management service that could replace traditional business software technology Pioneered software-as-a-service market (esp.Pros Easy to conceptualize Fairly easy to deploy Easy to backup Virtually any application/service can be run from this type of setup Cons Expensive to acquire and maintain hardware Not very scalable Difficult to replicate Redundancy is difficult to implement Vulnerable to hardware outages.On the other handle Google Apps of course utilizes their existing G-Mail infrastructure.Handover (HO) in MCC Due to mobility of users, MCC encounters HO of users during the services Internetworking HO Intranetworking HO Latency Disconnection No protocol for HO between networks in MCC.5 Cloud Deployment Models br / Public Cloud (or External Cloud) br / Services are provided on an as-needed, pay-as-you-go basis over the internet by using web applications and services from a remote third party provider.Low Bandwidth Solutions Share the limited bandwidth among mobile users who are located in the same area (e.g., a workplace, a station, and a stadium) and involved in the same content (e.g., a video Availability file).Chief Communication all elements of the Police Departments Emergency Dispatch Services br /.Definitions utility, cluster, grid.

br / The Microsoft Exchange Online service is built with Microsoft Office (and Outlook) in mind.
Br / Performance br / Determine where the cloud providers are geographically located and be aware that application performance results can be impacted by this situation.